Sustainable & Reliable Clean Energy for Your Home

Sustainable & Reliable Clean Energy for Your Home

Sustainable & Reliable Clean Energy for Your HomeSustainable & Reliable Clean Energy for Your HomeSustainable & Reliable Clean Energy for Your Home

Join our many satisfied customers in making your home energy efficient!

5 Reasons to go solar now

30% Federal Tax Credit (ITC) Ends 12/31/2019


The Federal Solar Tax Credit (ITC) has been designed to make a Solar System even more affordable and to give homeowners incentives to go solar. The 30% ITC ended on January 1st, 2020 and it's now 26% until January 1, 2021, before it's reduced to 22%.
Eco Energy Systems can show you how you can receive an average of $6300 in Federal Tax Credit
Act Now! 

Net Energy Metering (NEM)


  Net Energy Metering (NEM): Net metering (also known as net energy metering) is a solar incentive that allows you to store energy in the electric grid. When your solar panels produce excess power, that energy is sent to the grid and in exchange, you can pull from the grid when your system is under-producing like during nighttime. NEM came with-in 1 vote to drop in 2016. The cap was increased. It can go away any day once the utility company reaches a cap for a given area.

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Our Mother Earth


 Environment: Every Year, Ton’s of CO2 is pumped into the Atmosphere by power generators. Going Solar, On the average saves 100,000 Pounds of CO2 released into the atmosphere. Tha's equivalent of driving 100,000 miles. Every home counts. The changes in our weather we have been experiencing are not by accident or some freak of nature. Global warming is real and we are seeing the side effects of it in recent years. Let’s do our part to help today.    

None Stop Rate Increases


  Power Companies have kept pace with Real Estate for the last 20 years with annual average Rate increases of 5%.  With all the wildfires, aging infrastructure, Rising cost of overhead, legal battles and customer lost to Solar, they are forced to continue rising their rates every year.  Go solar now and generate your own free and clean power. There are many easy low-cost financing options with no money out of your pocket available.



 Once your new solar system is installed and approved, you will become immune to any utility company's changes.  Rate increases and policies, for the most part, will no longer affect you. Your program will Grandfather.  Act now before it's too late.

3 easy steps to go solar


Free Consultation

 You will meet with a trained energy adviser who will help determine if you qualify for a no-cost solar program for your home. 

We will also help you with the required paperwork,  financing options, and pre-approval.

From that point, you just sit and relax.  We will handle the rest and will update you on every step of the process.


Engineering & Design

 Our site surveyors will inspect your roof and sun exposure using the most advanced Satellite imagery, measurement & SunEye technology.
Our solar design engineers will then create a custom site plan to maximize your saving.

All required permitting and inspections are coordinated and handled by us.



 Seasoned solar installers are passionate about quality and efficient solar installations.
They arrive at sunrise and complete the average-sized system before you return at day’s end.

Find Out How Much You Can Save

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Eco Energy Systems, LLC is a sales & marketing firm representing our clients and finding the best energy-efficient solution for their needs.  With over 20 years of experience in home improvement,  we have access to the best and most reputable suppliers and contractors to be able to offer our clients the best value for the buck.  We work for our clients and not the contractors. So, our advice is none-bios and to the best interest of our clients and not the contractors.

We have carefully researched and studied the contractors that we have chosen to work with and the type of equipment used. All contractors that we are contracted with have been business for over 25 years with an A++ Rating.